WHAT IS PILATES?  It was first known as Contrology, and according to its creator, Joseph Pilates, it is a “complete coordination of body, mind and spirit”.  Pilates is a whole body exercise designed to create uniformly developed muscles and good posture through corrected spinal and pelvic alignment. These are attained by performing a series of exercises at a particular flow, with precision, focus, and, most importantly, the use of proper breath. 

The result is a strong core, clear mind, improved blood circulation and stimulated spirit. Almost a byproduct of all this is the development of longer, leaner muscles with a centered body (or strong “powerhouse”) that improves the way you move through your everyday life. Many exercises are even designed to address issues of the feet, ankles and wrists. This is important, given the extent to which we use them to get around and perform routine chores.  Joseph Pilates believed that “Physical fitness is the first prerequisite to happiness”. You’ll simply feel better!

ANYONE CAN DO PILATES.  It’s gentle, and emphasizes deep breathing to promote maximum efficiency of movement. Exercises can be modified to fit a particular client, and repetitions are kept to a minimum so that the focus remains on the quality, rather than the quantity of the exercise. The result is a balanced development of all muscles in the body and greater joint mobility.

PILATES CONTINUES TO GAIN POPULARITY THROUGHOUT THE WORLD.  You are invited to contact us here at Evolve to learn more about how to get started.  Mr. Pilates liked to say that “in 10 sessions you will feel a difference, in 20 sessions you will see a difference, and after 30 sessions, you’ll have a whole new body”.

Need we say more?

Laura Alexander

Evolve Pilates
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