My name is Laura Alexander and all I want to do is teach Pilates.

I began taking classes several years ago, but came to the decision only a few years back to actually teach it. So, I began a 14-month, 750-hour certification process that became the most incredible physical and emotional journey of my life. The best part is that it reinforced the reason why I wanted to teach; that I wanted to share with as many others the profound positive changes that Pilates provided me. 

Joseph Pilates is quoted as saying that Contrology (the original name for the Pilates Method) “ a complete coordination of mind, body and spirit.” And that is as simple as it gets. In today’s world, is there any better path to world peace if we were all to pursue that state of physical and mental well being?

I have lived on Martha’s Vineyard for the past 30 years with my husband Alex and our two daughters who were born and 
raised here. Needless to say, we are invested in the island and our community. And now, I am living a dream of owning my own studio, evolve. I like the name and what it implies.

Please consider this my invitation to you to come in and take a 
class, private session or simply check out the space and give me the opportunity to answer any questions you may have. I look forward to meeting you and sharing this wonderful space with you.

Thank you for visiting Evolve Pilates!

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