welcome to Evolve

  • Pilates

    Movement combining the mind, body & spirit

  • TRX

    Total Resistance exercise

  • Revolve

    Indoor cycling

  • Boxing

    Classical boxing basics

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Evolve Pilates

The doors to Evolve opened in the summer of 2012, and the business began with owner and certified Pilates instructor Laura Alexander. What started out as one full service, fully equipped Pilates studio has grown to include TRX, indoor cycling (we call it Revolve), Barre, POUND and boxing, all spread out over three studios and taught by highly trained and certified instructors. Our goal is to provide a variety of exercise experiences that compliment one another and allow clients to ‘mix and match’ if they so desire.

A lot of hard work has gone into what we have created, and we thank our families and clients for their support throughout our various journeys. We are very proud of our space, clients, and accomplishments, and hope that Evolve becomes what the name implies: a place for growth both mentally and physically, and often times, in many other unexpected and rewarding ways. We hope to meet you (or welcome you back) someday soon!

Stay well,

Laura Alexander